Dragon One is the appointed supply-chain management company of Dragon Brand Bird's Nest (A member of the Kim Hing Group) in Indonesia and Malaysia since the year 2003. The management company is tasked to manage over 100 tonnes of top graded edible bird's nest commodities of Dragon Brand Bird's Nest in Indonesia and Malaysia in the next few decades.

Dragon One quality control management system, also known as Dragon One QC Protocol (TM), is a one-of-its kind system in the global market for quality edible bird's nest commodities. It is an accumulation of more then half a century of experience, knowledge and wisdom, in selecting and processing (cleansing) quality edible bird's nest, starting from the birth of the first group of edible bird's nest artisans in the world from Singapore. Please visit dragonone.com.sg/qc for more information.

Dragon One through a non-profit platform, AEBNX.Com, launched in the year 2019, is also the largest trading aggregator of mass market graded edible bird's nest commodities in Indonesia and Malaysia. The volume transacted yearly is targeted at a minimum of SGD$500M.