Dragon One was established in the year 2003 to efficiently manage the supply-chain operations of Dragon Brand Bird's Nest in Malaysia and Indonesia as a member of the Kim Hing Group by Mr Tan Soo Pong, the second generation leader.Kim Hing Group was first founded as a trading firm Kim Hing Co. (锦兴公司) by Mr Tan Kim Pheow in the year 1957. Dragon Brand Bird's Nest by Kim Hing Group is a well known premium edible bird's nest brand born from the hands of Southeast Asia's first team of bird's nest artisans in Singapore. The group had diversified its business interests as it progressed through the decades.Dragon One was officially spun-off from the Kim Hing Group in the year 2012 by Mr Lawrence Tan, a Chief Bird's Nest Sommelier, the eldest grandson of the patriarch and the eldest son of Mr Tan Soo Pong, to pursue its own corporate strategy as Southeast Asia's leading Cubilose supply-chain management firm. Dragon One then launched an in-house one-of-its kind multi-million commodities trading fund, Bird's Nest Investment Fund (BNIF), in the year 2012 to boost the edible bird's nest industry export capabilities in the countries of origin. The company initiated a blockchain project through Southeast Asia Edible Bird's Nest Network (SEAEBNN), to boost the trading capabilities of industry participants and collaterise the commodities assets using technology.Dragon One is currently headquartered in Singapore with operations in Malaysia and Indonesia.

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